4th Bournemouth - Land, Sea and Air Scouts - RAF 66

The 4th Bournemouth Scout Group is one of the fifty top groups in the country, recognised by the Royal Air Force. The Venture Scout Troop is regularly assessed and inspected by the RAF, to ensure that a high standard of badge work and activities are maintained. In addition, the Air Scouts themselves have to prove their knowledge of aeronautical subjects.

Working in co-operation with the 21st Bournemouth Group, the two units together offer a wide range of opportunities to local youngsters. Those parents who prefer their sons to participate in a boy-only group can do so, whilst those who prefer a co-ed style of activity also have that option.

From the age of 10 onwards, all activities are mixed, giving both girls and boys the opportunities to develop their social and teamwork skills, which will stand them in good stead during adult life. Although catering for two age ranges, 10-13 and 14-18, an upper age limit of 15 is placed on new entrants, as it takes about 2 years for a youngster to attain the required standards laid down by the examiners.

The programme this Autumn swings into action straight away, as the older Scouts go flying with the RAF, while everyone has the opportunity to go rock climbing, an all night challenge expedition, raft making (and testing!), a canoeist course, as well as many others, including Computer Technology.

Incidentally, the group is also the only Scout Group in the area to be responsible to the Local Education Authority, for both leader training and acceptability.

There are a limited number of vacancies in all of the age ranges. 6-7, 8-9, 10-13, 14-18, and initial enquiries can be made at these contact telephone numbers:
Boys only 6-9 594012
Girls and Boys 6-15 572655

We ACHIEVE because we BELIEVE.

James Fitch

Contributed by Justin Taylor. Posted: 1 Sep 2000