4th Bournemouth Land, Sea and Air Scouts (RAF 66) - Spring 2001

Instead of our usual report, we thought you’d like to hear from some of the scouts. Meet Kimberley and Bobby.


Friday nights used to be boring for me, as I had to help Mum with the shopping. At the beginning of last year, mum told me that I had to take my younger brother to Scouts. Great, I thought – it’s almost as bad as shopping!

But it wasn’t! My brother continued with the younger Scouts, whilst I joined the older group. Boring? I have done more with the Scouts in the last 15 months than I did in the 15 years before I joined! I’ve been flying, with a hunky RAF pilot, sailed on a raft that fell to pieces, and slept out under the stars, both with and without a tent. The funny bit was seeing mums face when they all turned up at my house for a video evening!

My proudest moment was when I heard one of the other Scouts talking to my brother at camp: “Those older ones have to work hard, don’t they?” That, we do. At least Fridays aren’t boring anymore.

BOBBY, Fleet Air Scout

I had been in Beavers, and then Cubs, so Scouts was a natural progression. At first, I found it stricter, but when I thought about it, there were over forty of us, and we had to meet a higher standard of smartness, ready for RAF inspection. Constant practise was needed. I am now 16, and Scouts has given me lots of things I would not have done on my own. I hold qualifications in canoeing, sailing and climbing. I have been flying, gliding, caving, camping, got muddy, got wet, got lost, and, all in all, had some great times, that you really need to have experienced yourself.

Two years ago, I was in the computer room at school, when the kid on the next one said: “You’re a Scout, aren’t you?” “Yep!” “Huh!” he said. “Scouts are wet!”

Well, considering the number of times it’s rained at camp, then yes, we are wet, but that was not what he meant. So I challenged him. “What are you doing in the Christmas holidays?”

“Nothing much,” he replied. “Play with my presents, play on my computer. I’ll probably get dragged out shopping.”

“Well, I’m off to South America with the Scouts!” I replied.

Contributed by Justin Taylor. Posted: 1 Mar 2001