4th Bournemouth Scouts - Winter 2000

Five of the senior members of the 4th Bournemouth Scouts have been selected to represent Dorset in the United Kingdom contingent to the next World Jamboree in two years time.

About 30,000 youngsters, aged 14 to 18, attend this international event, which is held every four years. Virtually every country in the world is represented, making it the largest youth gathering in the world, and a unique opportunity for any youngster privileged to attend.

As an example of the international co-operation, countries of the industrial nations assist scouts in third world countries, who otherwise could not afford to attend. To enable this to happen, each Scout from the UK has to fund-raise, not only for themselves, but also for a youngster in the Third World.

Each Scout needs to raise about £3000 to cover the costs, a daunting task, even with the support of parents, their scout group and businesses.

If any reader belongs to a social group, or club, a church or any other organisation that is looking for a worthwhile charity to support in 2001, then please consider supporting these youngsters in their fund-raising efforts to reach their target.

The Scouts are at present preparing a road show, so they can come and talk to any organisation that would like to find out more about the cause they are being asked to support.

If you would like any further information, please phone 572665; similarly, donations can be made to the 4th Bournemouth Jamboree Fund, c/o 2 Ross Gardens, Bearwood.

James Fitch

Contributed by Justin Taylor. Posted: 1 Dec 2000