A Smoke Free Dorset

Would you like to make 2001 a year to remember? Would you like support to give up smoking? There are some smoking cessation groups being setup all around the country, in GP’s Surgeries, Health Clinics and Village Halls, to support people who are determined to quit.

The minute the smoking stops, the benefits begin.

After 20 minutes the Blood Pressure and pulse return to normal.

After 1 hour the Circulation improves, so hands and feet become warmer.

After 8 hours Nicotine and Carbon Monoxide levels fall, and oxygen levels return to normal.

After 1 day your lungs begin to work better, as carbon monoxide is removed from your body.

After 2 days your sense of smell and taste improve, and nicotine is removed from your body.

After 3 days breathing becomes easier and energy levels increase.

After 2 weeks withdrawal symptoms begin to ease, and walking and daily tasks become easier.

After 1 month withdrawal symptoms have stopped, and your breathing and energy levels continue to improve.

After 6 months the risk of heart attack, cancer and other smoking related diseases begins to fall.

Please ask your surgery for a referral form, and a quit pack will be sent to you, with details of your nearest support group.

Ann Williams,
Health Visitor

Contributed by Justin Taylor. Posted: 1 Mar 2001