Art Group Exhibition at Bearwood Community Centre “A Great Success”

Sat 24 Nov and it poured with rain. After all our hard work producing, setting up and decorating the lounge at BCC, we were soaked but the show had to go on. So at 11am, the pieces of artwork were in place, the home made cakes were on display, the excellent raffle prizes were in place, were ready to be won and everyone was in a very good mood. The bad weather did keep some people away but we still had a steady flow until we closed at 2.45pm.

There was a good ‘buzz’ about the place, lots of chatter and laughter so we all enjoyed ourselves. We were able to donate a good sum to the Centre so I send a big thank you to all those people that despite the rain, came to see us, had a cuppa and cake, bought some paintings and Christmas cards and had a go on the raffle.

The art group will be putting on another fund raising event this spring and we look forward to seeing you all then.

Contributed by Justin Taylor. Posted: 6 Mar 2013