Bearwood School Update - Spring 2013

Internet Safety Day was on 5 February this year and the children as part of their ongoing lessons participated in different activities to make them think about keeping themselves safe online. A police officer from the Safe Schools and Communities Team also gave a training session for the teachers about Internet Safety so that the awareness is kept up-to-date.

Internet safety is becoming more and more important as our technology becomes more advanced and children have wider access to the internet. The internet can now be accessed through game consoles, mobile phones, laptops and tablets such as iPads and many more. It is vital that children learn how to stay safe online and the importance of not giving out personal information or using their real names. There are many ways this can be done.

Below are two websites which explain how to stay safe and the importance of internet safety in a child friendly way. Both links give useful information, advice and support about staying safe.

The school has recently developed links with Kwamang Presby Junior High in Ghana, West Africa. This is developing our children’s global understanding. It has been a challenge for our children to think about how we can show the school
what Bearwood School is like as the school does not have an internet link.

During this past term both years 2 and 5 have visited ‘Streetwise’ where they have learnt about identifying possible dangers and how to keep themselves safe. A fun afternoon was had by all and many lessons were learnt.

During December our year 5 children planted oak trees and daffodils on Lionheart playing fields on Bearwood. Other school children planted items across other parks in Poole. In years to come the children will enjoy going to the playing
fields and seeing what they have planted growing larger.

Recently three of our school council representatives visited the Houses of Parliament with children from other Poole schools. They visited both the House of Lords and the House of Commons and saw where the Queen goes into Parliament. They had lunch on the lawn outside underneath Big Ben and saw the London Eye. When asked what was the best thing about the day, one of the children replied seeing the ‘Soldiers Wives’ getting on a coach in the services station.

All of the children discovered new things they did not know about how the country is run and how politicians do their job.

Contributed by Justin Taylor. Posted: 6 Mar 2013