Bearwood Young Peoples’ Action Group

From an open discussion on Crime Prevention, local “TOP 7” member, Gary Stanley (11) has sparked off an exciting new project, that will bring good publicity to the newly formed group.

Joining with other young people across the Borough, the group have come up with the idea of making a Crime Prevention video, made by young people, for young people.

It will identify what are criminal offences, what happens when you get arrested, and the consequences of their action. They have the full support of Superintendent Chris Dennis, Poole Police, to film in the cells, hopefully following the process of arrest through to court and prison.

The video will use various street-based scenarios. The team will be able to visit the Police HQ Editing Studios to compile the video and produce a newsreel for distribution.

It is hoped that schools, youth groups and agencies will allow the film to be shown, opening up discussions with their peers on crime, and the consequences.

Contributed by Justin Taylor. Posted: 1 Mar 2001