Crime Roundup - Autumn 2000

By far the biggest problem we have in Bearwood, at present, are youth related.

Generally, youngsters gathering in large numbers are partaking in underage drinking, which can then lead to minor damage, excessive noise and general nuisance. This can leave residents feeling angry, frustrated, often intimidated and sometimes very tired, especially when incidents have continued into the night.

We have found that people will only call us when they have been suffering for some time, and often the same problem is affecting many who would never call for fear of reprisals. We would welcome any information regarding this, and our Beat Team will welcome target areas which are suffering.

Currently, general crime in the area is low, although there are still pockets of Car crime, so please remain vigilant at all times, and never be afraid to call 552099 if you see anything suspicious.

Helen Sansom
Police Constable 16

Beth Du Lieu
Police Constable 184

Contributed by Justin Taylor. Posted: 1 Sep 2000