Crime Roundup - Spring 2001

In the local area recently, there have been several incidents of purses/handbags being snatched.

Occasionally, we all become complacent with our property, and we have therefore put together the following advice, to remind you all as to how you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim:

CASH: Cash is a favourite target for thieves, so try and avoid opening your wallet in view of other people, and don’t carry large amounts with you.

CARDS: If your plastic card is stolen, tell the Card Company immediately. Always keep your cheque cards separately from your chequebook.

WALLETS: Wallets carried in back pockets are vulnerable to pickpockets. Keep it in a front trouser or inside jacket pocket, preferably one that fastens.

HANDBAGS: Never let your handbag out of sight. On public transport, keep hold of it. In the officer, keep it in a drawer or a corner near you. Even in a car, keep it out of sight at all times.

PASSPORTS: Only carry your passport when you need to. Thieves can sell stolen passports, and replacing them takes time and trouble.

As always, get in touch if you have any questions.

Helen Sansom WPC 16
Beth Du Lieu WPC 184

Kinson Police Station: 581134

Contributed by Justin Taylor. Posted: 1 Mar 2001