Crime Roundup - Winter 2000

Christmas is a busy time for everyone, including the criminal. A high percentage of crime is opportunist in nature, so don’t let the criminal enjoy Christmas at your expense. Heed the following advice:


· DO NOT leave presents in full view

· DO NOT leave keys in the ignition

· Always lock your car fully

· Always take all valuables with you

· Always park in well lit areas or attended car parks


· DO NOT leave presents under a Christmas Tree, in full view

· DO NOT leave handbags/keys in full view overnight

· DO NOT leave large amounts of cash at home

· Always secure all doors and windows

· Always identify your caller before fully opening the door

· If you are going away, ALWAYS leave your home looking occupied


· DO NOT carry large amounts of cash on you

· Always keep your cheque book and card separately

· Always secure/postcode or mark your bicycles

And finally, if you are offered a quality product at a bargain price, ensure the source is genuine.

As always, if you have any queries we can be contacted in The Kinson Beat Team Office (581134), but if your call is urgent, please contact the Bournemouth Control Room, on 552099.

Contributed by Justin Taylor. Posted: 1 Dec 2000