Play Park Bouncing into Action with New Toys

A recent meeting held by Bearwood Community in Action started the ball rolling on the new Bouncy Toys at the play park just off King John Avenue. The November meeting, attended by Borough of Poole Leisure Services Mike Childs, brought the BCIA Committee up-to-date with any progress that is happening on the Play Park front.

So it came out of the blue when the new toys appeared. However, it does show that with the aid of local influence, things do happen. Local Councillors have been helping at the forefront of this debate after council workers were forced to remove another of Bearwood’s scare play parks due to “EU Safety Rulings”.

Discussed at the February BCIA meeting was the dangerous tree-stump, also at the King John Avenue play park. Councillor Jane James is negotiating the removal of the stump, which is a hazard to all concerned.

Contributed by Justin Taylor. Posted: 1 Mar 2001