Thought from the Vicarage - Spring 2013

Question: When is a beefburger not a beefburger?
Answer: When it wins the 2.30 at Ascot.

Over these past couple of months we have been informed that quite a substantial percentage of food has not quite been what we expected it to be. Lasagne and beefburgers, and other menageries of meals have been a mixture of beef
and horse. Horse meat we have been informed is not harmful to us, lies are though, and that’s not what consumers were expecting to buy.

As I sit here at my desk and think about Easter once again I am reminded amidst the furore of a little bit of hypocrisy creeping in. I do not think too many of us would disagree that in the main human beings are not what they are meant
to be, and are very often not what they pretend to be.

My wife over the last month has experienced two occasions when people in their anger either verbally abused her, or almost hit her with their car. These two assailants could well be looked upon in some circles as decent, upright citizens
who love their children and their dog. But there was quite clearly a dark side to them that my wife sadly experienced.

We are not all that people think we are. Are we? Let’s be honest, we too are a mixture of good and bad.

Which is why Easter and the death and sacrifice of Jesus is so important and relevant. The bible says ‘All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God’ Romans 3 v 23. None of us comes up to his holy standards, not even your wonderful
white haired grandmother.

Sin though, unlike the horse meat does harm us, and harms others too.

Can I just emphasise again because it’s vitally important. It is not being good enough that ‘makes’ someone a Christian. It’s recognising that you are not good enough, and never will be. That’s why you and I need a Saviour.

Jesus dies our death, and pays the price for our sin. And the only way, the bible tells us, that we can be accepted and forgiven by this Holy God is when we recognise our need and respond to this mind blowing historical fact.

We will be celebrating this life giving truth on Good Friday and Easter Sunday at St. Barnabas Church, King John Avenue, both at 10.30 a.m. Why not come and investigate and learn how to become the person that God meant you to

Grace and peace,
Rev Geoff Boland

Contributed by Justin Taylor. Posted: 6 Mar 2013