Thought from the Vicarage - Winter 2000

Have you heard the story about the man called Jesus, who used to give away lots of gifts at Christmas time? On one occasion, he got stuck in the chimney of someone who didn’t like him, and finished up being executed on a Christmas tree.

Confused? Well, you are not the only one, because in Britain today, it is quite clear that you cannot take for granted, that children and even adults, know and understand the reality, and significance, of the Birth of Jesus.

I would love to talk about the true wonder of Christmas right now, on this page, but I haven’t got the space. So instead, let me invite you to join with us in Bearwood Church, at one or all of our Christmas services. For the first time ever, we are going to be having a service on Christmas Eve at 5.00 pm. The shops are closed by then, and the children are restless with anticipation, so why don’t you come and get a taste of the real Christmas spirit, as a family together, and discover the truth about what really happened!

The truth is out there; it is a lot closer and a lot more accessible than you may have thought. Why don’t you give yourself the time, and the opportunity to discover it this Christmas.

Have a wonder Christmas, and New Year.

Rev Geoff Boland
Bearwood Church

Contributed by Justin Taylor. Posted: 1 Dec 2000